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vinyl cosmetics

Vinyl Cosmetics are perfectly pure for the daringly bold. After eight years in the making, Vinyl Cosmetics was launched in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA by 15 year beauty industry veteran Sheena Walker. Her overall vision was to encourage confidence and individuality with the purpose of improving customers skin health with safe and natural ingredients, while still providing optimal pigment and enriched color. Our cruelty-free products are environmentally friendly, derived from earth's natural resources, and contain only the highest grade ingredients. No harsh chemicals or dyes are ever used.  Designed for sensitive skin and ophthalmologist tested, our makeup is healthy enough to fall asleep in it after those long nights out. Products range from long lasting lips to cheeks and eyes in a vast range of shades, giving every beauty junkie their fix with no touch-up fuss. Whether you are a mom on-the-go with no time to mess with their makeup throughout the day or you are a real wild child that wants to dance the night away, Vinyl Cosmetics has you covered. In 2019 Vinyl Cosmetics joined forces with BΓͺte Noire. We are two comprehensive brands you love under one coven.